What is the currency on the website?
Australian Dollars.

How long does it take you to do commissioned work?
Commissioned illustrations are the most ordered pieces and due to having a lot of demand in custom work this time frame is variable. Depending on complexity and quantity of illustrations, custom work can usually be completed within 1 month, sometimes more. We are happy to accommodate express orders where possible.

What are the shipping options?
We offer two shipping options in order to accommodate all requests. Our normal shipping rate is free within Australia and takes up to two weeks. If you have ordered and selected free shipping you will get the standard rate and we won’t use our express method.

Express shipping within Australia is done with AUSPOST, with a flat rate of about $13 and takes two days to arrive. The shipping times vary specially on holiday times as the demands are usually higher – so make sure you order before.

Depending on where in the world you are, the standard shipping rate is about $20 AUD and it can take up to a month to arrive. Express shipping is also available for a fee of $45AUD (shipping things from Australia is expensive unfortunately!). The express shipping option is via AUSPOST and should arrive in under 4 business days.

Shipping times do not depend on us unfortunately and if your order takes a bit longer than expected there’s not much we can do apart from waiting for it to arrive.

What if I want something completely different?
That is fine! The vast majority of our work is custom requests and we love receiving them. Through our shop, you can find the custom illustration product, which shows normal prices etc. For any custom illustration orders, we will get in contact with you  and discuss what you are after. Further fees may apply if the work is complex and requires multiple illustrations.

We don’t accept returns unless it is of clothing items and these must be in the same condition as they were when shipped to the customer. We don’t accept returns of used or damaged items from customers. We don’t take returns of prints or artwork.

Our refund policy is very strict – we don’t refund. If you have ordered more items by mistake (ie. Ordered 2 instead of one of the same print) we might refund you for the extra piece. We don’t refund damaged prints and by ordering artwork you must understand that if shipped internationally they might suffer some damaging due to the shipping process – and that is not our responsibility.

What if my print is damaged?
We pack all our prints very carefully in a special technique and with a lot of love, so that will rarely happen. The shipping process might slightly crease the borders of the artwork but it wouldn’t be artwork if it was spotless, but that is something that the customer has to accept when purchasing a print. Damaging due to shipping is unfortunately beyond our control and we can’t refund or re-send artwork if that happens.

Where are you based now?
Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Is your payment process secure?
We use Woocommerce powered by Stripe to process payments, a very secure and well-known payment processor.

Any other questions?
Just send us a message via our Contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!